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Stained Glass Glass crafting is amazingly versatile. Few crafts encompass this vast array of materials, tools, and techniques. So get inspired, let your imagination soar. Use glass in your garden, to keep time, light your home, celebrate a special event or even make a window or door. At Crystalwood Creations we love working with glass, let us share with you the many uses of this magical material. Etched & Carved Glass Glass etching turns a plain piece of glass into an elegant and expressive work of art. Many things can be personalized with names, quotes, dates, pictures, designs or a combination. At Crystalwood Creations we have the ability to create a special gift or keepsake that can transcend the test of time. And yes it can even be written in stone.  'Dye'namic Infusion Does your perfect piece of art need a photo or custom graphic work? We can do that to. you need it on glass, tile, a plate or ornament, contact us to see what all your options are for this unique and interesting process. Personalize your piece with a photo or custom graphic. Available on glass, tile, plates or ornaments. Stained Glass Panel Design Need to make a Stained glass panel? Have a design that needs resized or changed? Let Heather do the design work for you. With her degree in graphic design making changes to patterns comes naturally for her. She can also print your pattern at actual size so you will not have to do any scaling, you can just start working on your new project. Handmade Crafts, 
Jewelry & Crochet As Art Major Heather likes a variety of materials and working with her hands to make creations of all kinds. Periodically she will offer samples of her jewelry, crochet, and photography and computer graphics on the site. From stained glass to crochet, beads, and computers, Heather is always creating something. From Crochet scarves to beaded Christmas ornaments and Jewelry you just have to look at the shopping cart to see what she has created this time. Graphic Design Service Wedding and party invitations •Business cards •Company/ event logos •Flyers •Posters •Brochures •Newsletters •Stationary •Print ads •We can custom design it all! Printing services also available, but we can send the design to your choice of printers. For Heathers Graphic Design Servises Please Visit

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